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Impact on board

Imagine your daily processes running smoothly because you can rely on your own data and support of your Black Box Pro and additional applications running on this base device.

This is the comforting feeling that you will experience when you use the systems and applications of Shipping Technology. The result will be more safe & efficient use of your nautical equipment and sailing route not only from a nautical perspective but also trough other automated processes during the operation on board and don’t forget about predictive maintenance. Insights into all your equipment data influence your fuel consumption, so there will be important sustainability benefits too.


Shipping will be cooler!

More of a monitoring role will be required for certain tasks and routine work will be automatically reduced.

The collaboration with your Black Box Pro gives you time to relax with your colleagues and work on developing a more efficient and pleasant working environment.

  • Reduced workload
  • Fewer risks and financial advantages
  • Safer operations
  • Focus on efficient processes


  •         all maritime transport modules
  •         all types of cargo
  •         all types or brands of nautical equipment
  •         all vessel sizes and all sailing areas, sea and inland

In advance, an inventory takes place on board of your ship. Thereafter the Shipping Technology base system will be connected to all maritime equipment regardless of which brand. Our high-end technology is not dependent on certain providers or products but can be connected to all types of ships.