From data-driven decision management to autonomous sailing. Connect all your nautical equipment and determine which applications add immediate value. Use Shipping Technology products for your onshore and offshore management. Experience the endless potential to reduce costs, improve safety and ease work. Manage your fleet easily with the ST online dashboard powered by the ST BRAIN.

Whatever your objectives, autonomous sailing, technical maintenance or commercial. Our technology works!

Impact on board

We have been connecting ships and developing data-driven products with in-house maritime & high-tech knowledge since 2017!

Immediate added value

Decide how to improve your decision management and set your own roadmap to autonomous sailing, of course with smart connected options for smart harbours. As a master developer, Shipping Technology will return your data in dedicated customised applications matching your profits, for your eyes only. With only small adjustments, the possibilities are endless.

Your base product, the ST BRAIN, will provide local and long-distance real-time and historical insights into your nautical performance. Improve your nautical safety by ST Collision Detection Systems to immediately reduce near misses and collisions!  Autonomous sailing products will eventually also run on your ST BRAIN.

Dare to discover!

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