Supportive sailing using Artificial Intelligence, it sounds like the future. But in reality; we are already testing on board!

Shape your future

We live in the era of AI, the new industrial revolution. Shipping Technology contributes to innovations in the maritime world through data with a high level of human input. AI software applications are developed through data collection that support the crew, ship owners and decision makers. Efficient use of this data helps make maritime logistics safer, more sustainable, more efficient and more reliable.


We create your AI Butler

The AI Butler accurately anticipates and discretely registers data through a Black Box Pro. If you wish, nautical events can be relived, and future AI products connected to any nautical equipment on board, regardless of the brand. Safety on board is further guaranteed by the collision detection system. The data is only visible to you.


  • Collecting data
  • Prepared for all AI products
  • Nautical data management
  • Clear financial cost recovery model
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Our mission

We emphasise the ease of using our semi-autonomous shipping technology. The AI Butler can help you ensure safer, more sustainable, efficient and reliable operations on board. Don’t we all want a system that brings balance, safety and a clear overview.


Together we will create your own AI Butler in supported sailing. In a welcoming manner, he will support you in your daily work and take “the wheel” so that you can focus on monitoring the safety and comfort of the journey. Let’s meet your maritime assistant and confidential advisor.

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Jan 29, 2019
The "Jacks" of all Trades


Last week we installed a Black Box Pro on mcs Semper Fi of Carpe Diem Inland Shipping. This is the first ship we connect that has a Swiss PN2 radar. As the "Jacks" of all trades we connected this innovative vessel in cooperation with EMS (Electric Marine Support).

Jan 28, 2019
Ministery of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy


Thanks for the invitation! The aim of this networkevent was to inform the Ministry and her most important stakeholders about ​​innovation and digitization in the Netherlands. Shipping Technology ensures that the Netherlands remains a key player in the maritime industry. Due to innovations as Shipping Technologies Blackbox Pro, semi autonomous sailing will no longer be science fiction. Our real AI butler will make processes on board safer, more sustainable, more efficient and more reliable through data and machinelearning. As Shipping Technology has proudly presented in The Hague during this event.