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Shipping Technology is specialized in cutting-edge A.I.-based technology for the maritime industry. Our mission is to drive a safer, more efficient, and sustainable future for the sector. 

Since our establishment in 2018, we have successfully connected over 200 ships to our ST BRAIN, which holds the IEC 60945 certification. Our ST BRAIN facilitates technology that transforms inland vessels into intelligent, data-driven ships.

Our ST BRAIN represents the fourth digital revolution. This compact box can be installed by our trusted partners in less than a day. Once implemented, this equipment enables the full potential of your ship’s data, providing acces to advanced solutions. 

Our promise

Technology to make your fleet future proof

Get in control

Real time & historical online access to your ship and its relevant data.

Increase safety

Smart warnings, navigation and autonomous sailing systems assists the skipper, asset health & management monitoring.

Save costs & be sustainable

Sail more efficiently, optimize the operation, and become less crew dependent.

Autonomous Lane Assist Stats

This intelligent tool generates the best lanes, routes, and controls the steering pilot. Check out its current stats:



What does it take to make a ship smart?


Shipping Technology's base product. Click and find out!

We offer customised ST API solutions

Your personal Dashboard & Fleetview. This is the tool for
a perfect helicopter view in your maritime fleet.

ST Collision Detection

Our first product towards autonomy

Get in-depth information from all your
fleet data using the ST reporting tools.

Your complete Footprint just a few clicks away

ST Separate connection

  • AIS
  • GPS Compass
  • Weather station
  • VHF
  • Steering Pilot
  • Radar
  • ECDIS charts

  • Main engines
  • Generators
  • Catalytic converter
  • Depth gauge
  • Water levels

  • Load gauge
  • Tank monitoring system

  • Generators
  • Boiler
  • Bow thruster
  • Depth gauge
  • Water levels

  • Camera's
  • Radar
    Collects data of all relevant nautical equipment and stores it securely in our cloud environment. Provides customers with lots of added value!
    App Market
    AI-powered apps process data, giving you control, enhancing safety, reducing costs, and promoting sustainability. With third-party connectivity, the possibilities are endless. Choose our apps for efficient and innovative maritime operations.
    API Connectors
    Connect and combine your fleet data with your existing internal or external management software systems to improve your performance.
    Carbon Footprint
    Tracks all emissions and presents CO2 and NOx insights through our ST dashboard.

    Our journey

    About Shipping Technology

    Shipping Technology develops Autonomous Shipping and applications to support maritime management onshore and offshore by Artificial Intelligence. The ST BRAIN is the base product to implement these applications.

    Our extremely qualified ST Tech Team extracts and connects your (nautical) data to future-proof your maritime shipping company with the latest A.I. technologies. It’s our Mission to develop nautical applications and start a flywheel effect in digitisation, also by involving third parties, in the maritime industry due to our base product, the ST BRAIN.

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    Our impact on board

    Imagine your daily processes operating smoothly because you can rely on your own data and the support of your ST BRAIN plus additional applications running on this base device.

    This is the comforting feeling that captains experience when they use the systems and applications of Shipping Technology. The result will be safer, & more efficient use of your fleet, nautical equipment and operation. The sailing route will no longer be based on human decisions alone, but also run on automated and safety processes. During the operation on board, you experience a more relaxed approach to your maritime management. Based on safety, autonomous sailing, predictive maintenance, insights into all your equipment, data influence and your fuel consumption.

    And there will be important sustainability benefits too!

    Join our team

    Take the challenge and witness the most important technical revolution of the maritime sector according to autonomous sailing. In our fresh and modern working environment on a nostalgic nautical hotspot in Rotterdam, the maritime capital, you experience the perfect balance between the latest technologies and generations of maritime knowledge. We offer salaries & financial incentives related to the success of Shipping Technology. So when you’re on it, you’re in. Dare to Discover!

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