Scylla luxury ships

Scylla is a state-of-the-art river cruise company that provides its services on all major waterways in Europe. From the very first moment, this company has connected the entire fleet with Shipping Technology. Even in Portugal a Scylla ship is sailing with an ST BRAIN on board. For a company like Scylla, it is important that reports are processed quickly and securely. For instance the ST Reporting Tool which can be used via the ST Online Dashboard is therefore an efficiency boost for the entire organization.

This Rivercruise company is connected with Shipping Technology from day one and closely involved in its developments towards autonomous sailing. Over the years, the use of Scylla’s data ensured that their entire fleet and all new Scylla ships are equipped with an ST BRAIN too. Because the entire fleet is linked to the Shipping Technology system, lines are shorter for Scylla’s both onshore and offshore management. Company-wise a lot of milestones are achieved according to data collection (for autonomous sailing), emissions (NOx and CO2), performance, repair and maintenance and insurance (damage).

Owner Robert Reitsema has a free spirit. This pioneer ensures steady business operations in his company for over many years. Even in the difficult times around COVID, he offers creative solutions through professional actions. Shipping Technology is his friend from the very first moment this organization was set up. A great club of young pioneers who are open for modernization and innovation. They distinguish themselves by not just waiting…but going, full power!!