The third large (20+ ships) shipping company that chooses to connect their entire fleet with the Shipping Technology Platform is our customer Unibarge. 22 Ships are being prepared for installation. Furthermore one of their tanker vessels will function as a Shipping Technology autonomous testship. 

Unibarge is a logistic partner for producers of mineral oil products in the port area of ​​Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp. With innate passion and driven entrepreneurship they take on challenges and bring assignments to a successful end. Whether it concerns the transport of white oil or black oil products.

Unibarge also chooses Shipping Technology for complete insights in its footprint with all emissions and management support. Sustainability is a very important point of attention within their business operations. Due to the decision to connect all of their vessels a branch-wide statement will be made by Unibarge; “Inland Shipping is the most innovative, “green” and efficient modality in the logistic chain.”