Deymann fleet

Reederei Deymann is the first German company who has chosen for a data driven fleet by Shipping Technology and hereby prepared for autonomous sailing. Deymann is a familiar face in the field of inland waterway transport in Sweden, the ARA area, the Rhine, the north-west German Canal area and the Elbe. The core competencies of Reederei Deymann include tank-, container- and cargo transport in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.

In Sweden, the Emily Deymann inland vessel is provided with an ST BRAIN on board. The reason why this company has chosen for Shipping Technology is for instance to monitor their entire Deymann fleet and for using the autonomous lane assist to allow their ships eventually to sail autonomously. 

Furthermore, Deymann is a company that is at the forefront of innovation and therefore opts for the latest technology on board. By using the ST applications, for example in the field of CO2 emissions, near miss registration, floor maintenance and semi-autonomous sailing (semi-because the captain is present in the wheelhouse while the Shipping Technology system takes over the helm) the Deymann fleet is equipped with the latest innovations & fit for the future!