About Shipping Technology

Shipping Technology develops Autonomous Shipping and applications to support maritime management onshore and offshore by Artificial Intelligence. The ST BRAIN is the base product to implement these applications.

Knowledge & Specialisation

Our qualified ST Tech Team connects your (nautical) data to future-proof your maritime shipping company with the latest technologies. Using Artificial Intelligence, Shipping Technology develops autonomous shipping step by step from level 1 to 5. Our ST automation and safety systems reduce workload, improve safety, reduces fuel consumption and enables more efficient use of your fleet.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the maritime industry through the development of innovative nautical applications and accelerate the digitization process. By actively engaging third parties, we aim to create a significant impact in the industry. Our flagship product, the ST BRAIN, serves as the foundation for our mission. As a data and insight provider, we possess a distinct advantage in formulating a diverse range of solutions for the maritime market. Since our autonomous roadmap in 2017, we have set ambitious goals to establish ourselves as a key player in enhancing the business case for fleet and ship owners.

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