RoRo Company Elbert

Shipping Company Elbert is with its hybrid Terra II the very first RoRo inland vessel which innovates through sailing data, since April 2020, for (eventually) autonomous sailing. This development is based on A.I. and machine learning algorithms by the knowledge of Shipping Technology.

Mr. Frans Elbert, the owner of the company was the first inland shipping entrepreneur who raised his hand for data collection during the Shipping Technology launch event in 2018. Herewith he made one of his ships the very first RoRo inland vessel to innovate through data collection for autonomous sailing. “I believe in this technology and its development. This technology is the now and the future ”, says Frans Elbert.  

Shipping Company Elbert is a trusted transporter in the automotive sector and strongly related with Mosolf (International Market Leader in Automotive Logistics in Europe) and the OEM brands Mercedes, Mazda, Jeep and Honda. The network of this company has earned its spurs through its many years (40+) of collaborations with well-known international Business Partners as a LSP (Logistic Service Provider). In this way, the Elbert Company distinguishes itself. Innovation, direct marketing and reliability plus knowledge of trade policies contribute to the strength of Shipping Company Elbert. An absolute match with Shipping Technology!