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Available now! This masterpiece is the basis for everything. It is the main connection between the vessels equipment and all our available and future applications. It has two main functions;

At First: it collects all the data from your nautical systems such as radar, riverpilot, motor management, GPS, etc. etc. and stores it safely in the Cloud. Because we gather and store the data from your systems for you, you can retrieve details of an event trough your personal dashboard. We can also store your camera images and mariphone / VHF. With all this data, we can provide insights into your day-to-day business process and help you improve it.

Second function: The Black Box Pro can run multiple modules and applications. This means that the applications we develop using the data directly on board to provide the crew with immediate support. The Black Box Pro makes sure that our apps run correctly, because we don’t depend on a internet connection directly. Check out our Collision Detection Static system as an example of such an application. The Black Box Pro will also be running the application to sail your ship (semi-) autonomous once it’s finished. Shipping Technology is already testing this application in real-time.

The Black Box Pro is not only useful right now but also fit for the digital and autonomous future!

Available & Future applications compatible with our Black Box Pro

Data & Insights

Available now! This application is pre-installed on the Black Box Pro on delivery. The application ensures that the data received by the Black Box Pro is sent to the Google Cloud Platform. This app tracks the received data and only removes it from the local storage when it’s sure that the data has been sent. We can thus guarantee that all your data is stored.

Collision Detection Static

Future application: This application predicts the ship’s course and gives a warning when the vessel is on a collision course with static objects such as land and bridge pillars. It uses constantly updated map data as input to make sure that the application doesn’t give false alarms. We thus increase crew awareness and they can intervene or change course when necessary.

Collision Detection Dynamic

Future application: This application builds on the Collision Detection Static applications and also includes moving objects such as other vessels and buoys. These objects are detected through radar images. We predict the upcoming radar images and give a warning when a ship is going to hit other objects. The captain is made aware of the danger and can react to avoid the collision in time.


Future application: For our inland friends. Every planner has his own planning method. This automated stowage algorithm can make several stowage plans in a short space of time. With one push of a button, our optimiser creates several possible stowage plans. The planner just needs to check whether the program comes up with a suitable result and can make minor adjustments to improve it if necessary. Or just push the button again, and again, and again. Until the program produces your optimal solution.


Future application: Our end goal. The apps that we build contribute to our end goal: a system that makes semi-autonomous shipping possible. Our test vessel Factofour has been modified so that we can test our Deep Learning Algorithms in a parallel system. This means that there will always be a captain in position to take over the wheel.