ST Application Programming Interface (A.P.I.) possibilities

Because we unlock all relevant equipment on board with the ST Brain, additional hardware is no longer necessary. Let’s connect and combine your fleet data with your existing internal or external management software systems to improve your performance. With various parties and third-party solutions in the maritime industry, we are already linking data to promote predictive maintenance, for example. Of course, only with the permission of the ship owner. We offer customised ST API solutions with our in-house ST Tech team. Think about the endless possibilities and Dare to discover!

ST Online Dashboard & ST Fleetview

Gain complete oversight of your maritime fleet with our ST Online Dashboard – the ultimate tool for a perfect helicopter view. Once you’ve connected all your nautical equipment to the ST BRAIN, you can access your fleet data in real-time and track every action and decision being made.

With our dashboard, you can easily locate your fleet, monitor their current speed, and track their progress from departure to arrival. Our system also stores historical nautical events, such as groundings and collisions, giving you an extensive archive to assess and discuss any operational, training, or third-party purposes.

Take advantage of our advanced tracking and monitoring capabilities and make informed decisions to enhance your fleet’s safety and performance. Contact us today to learn more about our ST Online Dashboard and how it can help you stay on top of your maritime operations.

ST Operational Reports

Gain greater insights into your fleet’s performance with the ST Operational Reporting Tool. Identify potential issues and deviations by monitoring the status of all connected instruments. The tool provides comprehensive data on emissions, fuel consumption, and more in real-time and historical formats. Generate customized reports for a selected period of days to obtain additional information on your fleet’s operations. Whether you need to share this information or keep it confidential, the reporting tool ensures that you have the necessary data at your fingertips.


This masterpiece is IEC 60945 / ES-TRIN 10-20 certified and the basis for autonomous sailing in the future. It is the main connection between the vessel’s equipment and all our available and future applications. It has two main functions:

Firstly: It collects all the data from your nautical systems, such as radar, river pilot, motor management, GPS, AIS, etc. and stores it safely in the cloud. We gather and store the data from your systems for you, so you can retrieve the details of an event through your personal dashboard. We can also store your camera images and mariphone/VHF. With all this data, we provide insights into your day-to-day business processes and help you improve them.

Second function: The ST BRAIN can run multiple modules and applications. This means that the applications we develop use the data directly on board to provide the crew with immediate support. The ST BRAIN ensures that our apps run correctly, because we are not dependent on a constant internet connection. Check out our ST Collision Detection system as an example of such an application.

The ST BRAIN also runs the applications to sail your ship semi-autonomously today or fully autonomously in the future when necessary laws and regulations have been implemented. Shipping Technology is always testing future applications in real time since 2018 on several test ships.

The ST BRAIN is not only useful today but will also fit your digital and autonomous future!

ST Collision Detection

The ST Collision Detection is a safety product that applies artificial intelligence to predict the movements of ships and other objects, providing local warnings to captains well in advance of potential collisions. With this innovative tool, captains can receive notifications of potential collisions with both moving and static objects, such as other ships, banks, bridge pillars, or restricted areas.

ST Collision Detection is designed to integrate with existing Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) charts commonly used on board ships. All warning alerts are automatically logged and stored, allowing captains to replay a situation on the ST dashboard and review their actions. This tool is perfect for enhancing safety measures and training exercises.

By using ST Collision Detection operational safety will improve and the crew is additionally supported!

ST Footprint

Our ST Footprint product is complete, which is an essential addition to the ST Platform product range. The ST Footprint reports your complete emissions at any selected period. Stage-V engines, hybrid propulsion, engines with or without a catalytic converter, we connect any configuration. The entire ship, including power management, boilers or any other fuel consuming components is included, the ST Footprint maps all emissions. Both sailing and stationary. As with the other ST products, Shipping Technology unlocks your performance for this product and reports your CO2 and NOx emissions without having time-consuming and expensive calculations. You can access your ST Footprint report anytime via your ST Online Dashboard. The report can be generated per trip, per week, and in different units such as gr/kWh or gr/, to suit your specific needs.

ST Autonomous Lane Assist

The first step to autonomous or semi-autonomous sailing is a fact. Shipping Technology launched its first automated sailing product, the ST Autonomous Lane Assist. This intelligent tool generates the best lanes, routes and controls the steering pilot. Based on all connected (real-time and historical) data. The captain will monitor this automatically smart generated lane and intervene by crossing traffic or by request. This is why its called semi-autonomous. But the vessel is sailing autonomous by itself.

Our second ST Sailing Automation product is ST Conditional Automated Sailing. This product has features compared to our steering assistance tool. The steering pilot as well as the main propulsion will be controlled by our smart system. Because of the combination with the integrated ST Collision Detection systems, the captain can intervene by request or in case of malfunctions.

With the ST BRAIN’s technical adjustments, these products enable autonomous or semi-autonomous sailing on both new and existing ships.

Our team has conducted four years of real-life testing with our test ships and upscaled to four test ships with different profiles and sailing areas to ensure that our products meet modern expectations and requirements. We are closely monitoring and are in close contact with authorities’ decisions to ensure compatibility with different levels of automation.

Dare to discover and make sure you are part of our ST official product launches!

ST Fully Autonomous

We believe in radically changing the business case of the maritime industry, but we are tackling the challenge step by step. Only by proven concepts to products and with all stakeholders involved will we reach the end goal of autonomous shipping. Not science fiction, but a realistic approach together with our clients and (installation) partners.

The combination of automating nautical tasks together with other processes on board will enable you to reduce your crew. Shipping Technologies roadmap contains this vision and approach.