ST Autonomy products

Mid 2021, the first step to autonomous or semi-autonomous is a fact. Mark our words! This is when Shipping Technology launches its first ST Sailing Automation product, the ST Autonomous Lane Assist. This intelligent tool generates the best tracks, routes and controls the steering pilot, based on all connected (real-time and historical) data. The captain will monitor this automatically smart generated track and intervene by crossing traffic or by request.

Shortly after this launch, we will introduce our second ST Sailing Automation product: ST Conditional Automated Sailing. This product will have extra features compared to our steering assistance tool. The steering pilot as well as the main propulsion will be controlled by our smart system. Because of the combination with the integrated ST Collision Detection systems, the captain will only need to intervene by request or in the case of malfunctions.

With fewer extra technical adjustments on board your fleet, the ST Black Box Pro will make autonomous or semi-autonomous sailing possible on existing and new ships.

For the past 3 years, we have been conducting real-life testing with one of our test ships. We have now upscaled to three test ships with different profiles and sailing areas to ensure that these products fit modern expectations and behaviour. We are also monitoring and are in close contact with authorities’ decisions to determine which level of automation each product will be compatible with.

Dare to discover and make sure you are part of our ST official product launch!