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Shipping Technology develops systems in preparation for smart harbours, smart infrastructure, planning tools, SHEQ procedures, etc. This results in clever connectivity between customers, crews, ports, operators, laws and regulations, loading and unloading procedures and more. You determine to what extent and to which applications you are connected! Ship owners will always be in charge of their own data, and with whom it is shared. Our future applications offer widespread connectivity throughout the logical process from beginning to end. With Shipping Technology’s innovative systems and applications, there are infinite options.

David Woudenberg, Technical Lead

“Our infrastructure is divided into two main parts: local and remote. The local infrastructure, our Black Box Pro, is connected to the nautical equipment and receives data in different formats. This data is then sorted and delivered to different applications. One of these applications uploads the data to our remote infrastructure, which is hosted by the Google Cloud Platform. Here we store all the data and deliver dashboards.”

Tim Selier, Lead Big Data Engineer and Janis Vilks, Big Data Engineer

“To ensure that the ship’s data is secured, we take a number of precautionary measures. Both the local infrastructure and the Cloud environment are secured so that they cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons. Obviously, you must be careful with your own login details to make sure that you are the only one who can access your own dashboards.”

Bart van de Poel, Data Scientist

“One of the main features which makes our Black Box Pro more than just a Black Box is its ability to run applications on the same machine as we collect the data. This makes it independent of the internet connection and ensures that our applications detect collisions in real time and raise an alarm at the right moment, for example. In the future, we expect to develop multiple apps that will assist the captain and enhance the safe operation of the vessel.”