Our Technology

This is how it works!

You connect all the nautical equipment which skippers use on board today. Then we activate the entire product range and unlock your personal dashboard. Our clients’ data is and remains their property!

Based on Artificial Intelligence & machine learning, our system and excellent ST Tech Team creates ST Autonomous products. Through our own developed cloud infrastructure, we collect big data. The ST Products run locally on our ST BRAIN, independent of an constant internet connection. The ultimate autonomous sailing model will feel ‘familiar’ to the captain on board. The models are based on all the historical characteristics and actions of a wide variety of ships and experienced captains on all European waterways. ST Clients can choose to run their autonomous products using their own historical data or from all connected ships together.

Data & security

Our clients’ data is and remains their property! Shipping Technology uses aggregated data to develop exclusively for the maritime industry.

The development of all systems originates from the ST BRAIN which is connected on board your fleet. For each ship, you need this separate base device. The data transfer is encrypted in a secure cloud environment and only you decide who gets to see it.

Our products