This masterpiece is IEC 60945 / ES-TRIN 10-20 certified and the basis for autonomous sailing in the future. Formally known as ST BRAIN. It is the main connection between the vessel’s equipment and all our available and future applications. It has two main functions:

Firstly: It collects all the data from your nautical systems, such as radar, river pilot, motor management, GPS, etc and stores it safely in the cloud. We gather and store the data from your systems for you, so you can retrieve the details of an event through your personal dashboard. We can also store your camera images and mariphone/VHF. With all this data, we provide insight into your day-to-day business processes and help you improve it.

Second function: The ST BRAIN can run multiple modules and applications. This means that the applications we develop use the data directly on board to provide the crew with immediate support. The ST BRAIN ensures that our apps run correctly, because we do not depend directly on an Internet connection. Check out our ST Collision Detection system as an example of such an application.

The ST BRAIN also runs the application to sail your ship semi-autonomously or fully autonomously in the future when laws and regulations are final finished. Shipping Technology is already testing this application in real time since 2018.

The ST BRAIN is not only useful today but will also fit your digital and autonomous future!

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