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In contrast to automative sailing systems, our ultimate autonomous sailing model will feel ‘familiar’ to the captain on board. Because of all the historical decisions and actions of skippers who are connected to the ST Black Box Pro, we can say that our ST model is based on the most accurate maritime and technical knowledge.

Our very first successful autonomous test cruise was in November 2017 in the port of Rotterdam. On board the mcs Salute were the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, and Paul Smits, then CFO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority. The success of this test run gave us confidence.

…and we have already learned some valuable lessons. Our ST Autonomous sailing technology is based on A.I. & machine learning algorithms. We have been testing algorithms on board our test ships since 2017, and this is what we do: we unlock all the necessary data on board inland ships through the ST Black Box Pro. The data comes from all the nautical equipment that is required for sailing. We store this data in the cloud and develop the optimal infrastructure to return all this data by customised products.

We strongly believe that the road to autonomous sailing goes step by step. Not only in the development, but also to enable the market and skippers to get used to the concept and our products. So, the Shipping Technology team started from the very first phase in the levels of autonomy. Our first ST autonomous products will be launched and implemented in 2021.

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