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Join our eager team, as a Support Engineer!

Are you an expert in helping out innovative technical teams with technical questions and challenges? Are you going that extra mile to deliver excellent services to our clients? Shipping Technology is looking for a support engineer who wants to contribute to the expansion of our product range and market uptake within the shipping industry.

We develop AI software applications through data collection that support the crew, ship owners and decision-makers. Data which has never been used before. Efficient use of this data helps make maritime logistics safer, more sustainable, more efficient and more reliable. We are determined to be a game-changer in this market, and we are off to a good start!

Besides all the products that are being developed at the moment, the ultimate application for Shipping Technology is a system that can control a ship in a safe and reliable way, just like the Tesla auto-pilot does on the road. A solution that we are already developing; the first tests are very promising.

In order to realize all our ambitions even faster, we are looking for a support engineer who’s up for this adventure with a pragmatic approach and a hands-on mentality.

You will operate in a key position between our sales team, technical team, our installation partners and our clients. In this challenging position, you are responsible for the complete installation process of our hardware and the connection to the VPN cloud platform, including technical support. After successfully connecting you will be monitoring the quality and uptime of the complete connected fleet and smooth-running of applications. Besides that, you will work together with the technical team in selecting new hardware components and improving the current hardware. Last but not least, you’re a proud captain and first member of our expanding support engineering team.;-)


  • Broad and up-to-date knowledge in the field of (inland) shipping
  • Up-to-date knowledge of (ship’s) electronics and connectivity
  • Good communicative and social skills
  • Result-oriented work attitude and a healthy commercial drive
  • MBO/HBO degree in electrical engineering or equivalent
  • 3-5 years of experience in this field
  • Expertise in assembling hardware
  • Expertise in inventory management
  • Fluent in Dutch and English


  • A salary suitable for someone with your knowledge and expertise
  • A cool office, moving to Rotterdam this summer
  • Easily accessible and inspirational worketics
  • Work with the most recent and coolest platforms
  • Guide challenging and cool projects
  • Contribute to developing innovative and complex applications
  • Contribute to making vessels (semi-) autonomous
  • The opportunity to create business impact
  • Kick ass colleagues who already started this adventure


What do you get when you combine entrepreneurship in inland navigation with a leading artificial intelligence company? Shipping Technology! What started as a proof of concept project continued as a start-up focusing on developing innovations in the maritime sector. Our ultimate goal is to allow ships to sail (semi-) autonomously, a strong ambition but certainly not science fiction. Since we are funded by multiple dedicated (founding-) partners and have an eager team already, the next phase has arrived. Time to grow and develop even faster!

The Black Box Pro is the first product that Shipping Technology has developed and the connected fleet is growing rapidly. Perhaps even more exciting is that a variety of AI solutions can be developed on the collected data and run on this base product. This year, for example, we are launching applications that predict the paths of a ship and everything that happens around it. If a dangerous situation is imminent, the collision detection systems warn to prevent accidents. Obviously important applications in our roadmap to (semi-) autonomous shipping.

Our minds are filled with ideas to contribute to smart shipping, combined with smart harbours and infrastructure; we really need a bigger team 😉


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